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Terms of Use

Last Updated November 30, 2022
  • is not affiliated with any Short URLS created on this site.
  • is not responsible for any customers financial loss for the use of any product that is on
  • When you visit this site you agree that is not responsible for any links/urls created on the site.
  • is not responsible for any action that happens before or after the link/url is shortened on this site.
  • We reserve the right to report a site to the hosting service that the Malware,Phishing,Virus or scam websites/pages that the content is being hosted on.
  • If you need to report a link that is breaking our Terms of use please go to Report.
  • Once you purchase one of our Paid Plans. We will only allow a refund within 1 day of the plan being purchased.
  • If you purchase a paid plan and get your account gets deactivated for breaking our Terms of Use. You will not be refunded for the plan that was purchased.

Users are not allowed to create short URLS/LINKS that redirect to URLS/LINKS that have:

  • Sexual,Pornographic.
  • Malware,Phishing or Viruses.
  • URLS/LINKS that are redirecting to drugs/weapons.
  • URLS/LINKS that redirect to scam websites or pages.
  • URLS/LINKS that redirect to a ip grabbing site or software.

If any URL/LINK is breaking these terms. We will delete the link without notice.

If a user makes an account and breaks any of the following rules above. The account will be banned without notice.